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September 21, 2007 by tjesterb
Aston Shell WWW Link is available to download and install for free from giveawayoftheday.

WWW Link

Offer ends at midnight tonight (EDT, I think.)
September 1, 2007 by tjesterb
Filezilla, my favorite standalone FTP client, has been ported for Linux and OS-X.

The OS-X version is available for both Intel and PPC installs.

I have installed and tested it on a PPC based OS-X machine, and on OpenSuse 10.2. Binaries are also available for FreeBSD.
May 30, 2006 by tjesterb
Long story short:

I built a new PC a few weeks ago. Now it randomly freezes up, or drastically slows down, usually resulting in a hard shutdown. I have watched CPU cycles spike to almost 100% while nothing is running except a couple browser windows and WMP playing an MP3, sometimes with nothing but a single browser window open.

Asus A8N-E mobo (nVidia N-force4 chipset)
AMD 64 X2 4200+ Dual Core CPU
1GB (2 x 512) RAM (Patriot brand)
Asus Radeon X550 PCI-E graphics card
November 18, 2005 by tjesterb
Adam Baratz, of Ars Technica has posted a review of DesktopX 3.1.

While it's perhaps not the most flattering review, it does mention the great potential of DesktopX.

Some of the issues he noted were some of the same things that have kept me from utilizing DX to a greater degree.

Brad has stated that DX, while having much more power and configurability, has been Konfabulator's "Whipping boy" Maybe these are some of the reasons why.
October 6, 2005 by tjesterb
Yesterday I could only get a "Request timed out while waiting for Wincustomize"

Later I read this article:

My ISP is RoadRunner. I was unable to get any Stardock site to load, whether in FF, IE, or using the WC browser.

I logged onto WC from work this morning, expecting to see posts about the server being down or soemthing, but I don't see anyone else posting any problems (if...
August 10, 2005 by tjesterb
I recently upgraded to Photoshop CS from PS 7.
Since then whenever I try to resize an image I get the message that the task could not be completed because the scratch disks are full.
I have moved the scratch disk to another partition on my main drive (didn't help) then to a slave drive (also didn't help) both partitions have over 10 GB free, so what gives?
I read something somewhere about replacing the PS preferences folder.
Any PS wizards know the answer to this one?
July 10, 2005 by tjesterb
Did you, like me, spend way too much time playing Space Invaders when you were younger?

Visit for an odd twist on an old favorite. You know, in case you were getting tired of solitaire.
March 15, 2005 by tjesterb
Microsoft Watch has a story with the emerging details of Microsoft's IE7 beta.,1995,1776290,00.asp

Code-named "Rincon" features are supposed to include: tabbed browsing, native PNG support,and improved security, including possible integration with the new MS Anti-Spyware.
March 10, 2005 by tjesterb
A while back had a message saying they were temporarily down, now all you get is a refused connection, not even a 404.
Isearched around a little, and the same question has been asked in some other forums, but no one seems to know.
February 25, 2005 by tjesterb
Firefox 1.0.1 was officially released by the Mozilla Foundation today.
Above link to Mozilla announcement. Slashdot link here:
This should fix the Windows IDN bug.